Headlines from the Web: Boxers Want in the Cage

Only James Toney could go to MMA, like ”  “Only Nixon could go to China.” Words from the great Spock given to Capain Kirk.  We have seen Toney get a shot at Randy Couture recently, but now Manny Pacquiao.  There is no question that Couture’s camp thought through the possibility of Toney’s very best landing smack on the chin.  Dana White, UFC President even said there was no question that Couture could get hurt.  Or worse, MMA could be seen as inferior to the sport of boxing.  For me, Toney’s loss had no negative impact on the sport of boxing.  Different sport, different rules, different skills – they are completely different games.  Their common demonator is that they are one-on-one fighting.  Everything else about the sport as a whole is different.  But here are two stories that show the interest of Manny Pacquiao to make the move and for Jame Toney to get back to a learning the ground game after his IBA title defense.
I forgot to mention, that Randy Couture was paid $250,000.00 to fight James Toney.  Toney got $500,000.00 for his 3 minutes inside the cage (as reported by Inside MMA on HDNet).  Couture was a guest on the panel of Inside MMA this past Friday and gave no comment.

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