MMA Meets Kettlebell Training, Part 4

Thumbnail image for unnamed.jpgThe kettlebell is quickly becoming the trainer’s favorite tool.  So many fitness professionals are incorporating kettlebells into their routines, as well as their cleints.  This exercise is a great one to add into any fitness program.  However, it is great for the martial arts practioner because is recruits many of the same muscles and used when doing judo and wrestling style takedowns.

In this exercise, the kettlebell can flip up so the bell is pointing towards the ceiling.  When using the type I have in the picture it does not pose strain on t he wrist or back of hand.  Even with a modest weight this exercise using the kettlebell with a thinner handle can push you to your threshold.  The authenic kettlebells have a thick handle and may hurt the back of your hand.  It is valuable to learn the technique for flipping the kettlebell up which is a unique component to kettlebell training.

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