Ken Shamrock Should Retire: Majority Opinion?

Jake Rossen from wrote on Ken Shamrock’s delusions of MMA grandeur.  I realize the point I was trying to
make yesterday about Shamrock was not exclusive, but Rossen highlights the obvious
about Shamrock’s past prime pursuits in a worthwhile article.


Ken Shamrock’s
Borrowed Time


_tken_shamrock_3_001.jpgHe needs money, but
that’s hardly the problem: Michael Jordan has more than the Federal Reserve,
but they had to drag him off the court.


He’s old, but that’s
not quite it, either. You can shut him down before he takes too much damage.
It’s the young guys who can hang in there for a beating you have to worry about.


It’s that Ken Shamrock still thinks
he breathes fire. Hearing him talk about “getting in
Pedro Rizzo‘s face” and
working him over standing —
Pedro Rizzo, the kickboxer
who turned
Randy Couture
into a temporary cripple — is Shamrock lulling himself into a kind of
self-hypnosis. He’s willing the body into action. But the body began falling
apart 15 years ago. And whatever’s left now is no longer equipped to deal with
the torment and violence of a prizefight. The fire has no fuel.

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