Ken Shamrock Hopefully Retiring

Ken Shamrock
reminds me of a character actor.  For me, he has never had the skills to
be the leading man.  I do not mind seeing his face pop up here or there,
but please do not give him to many lines or top billing.


Shamrock at
46 years of age, has a record of 24-14-2.  He has won most of his fights
by submission, yet I would not consider him a talented ground fighter.
 Shamrock is about 5-7 years past his prime.  In fact, in the last 10
years, he has lost 9 of his 13 fights.  His losses have been to Pedro
Rizzo most recently (last night), Robert Berry, Tito Ortiz (three times),
Kazushi Sakuraba, Rich Franklin, Don Frye and Kazuyuki Fujita.  I do give
props to a man that was one of the original MMA athletes to give the UFC its
initiation.  However, his MMA skill set has remained somewhat stagnant in
the last 10 years.  He excels as a well-conditioned athlete, but he has
not evolved with the sport

Despite being around since ‘day 1,’ fighters like Ken
Shamrock who keep on going truly raise the point that MMA should add a Master’s
Division. Although Randy Couture has exceeded everyone’s expectations of how
MMA treats you in your 40s, it seems that the best interest of the fighter
should be considered.  By creating a Master’s Division, it would allow
these older MMA fighters to keep fighting at a lower risk and without being a
main event fight, which simply does not live up to fans’ expectations.

A Master’s Division would place the Ken Shamrocks of the
MMA world with less pressure to keep up with younger fighters who are simply
not as worn down and perhaps avoid the need to use steroids in order to perform
like a man in their late 20’s or early 30s.    

Shamrock fought Pedro Rizzo (19-9-0), another MMA fighter
with a 15 year career.  Rizzo beat
Shamrock in Sydney, Australia in the first round with leg kicks and punches
that lead to TKO- stoppage.  The
UFC Hall of Famer provokes the constant question, ‘When are you going to
retire?’  Rightfully so after
losing 7 of his last 9 fights, and they were awful to watch.  Despite his brother announcing his
retirement last month, Shamrock’s loss last night hopefully convinced him to
join Frank.


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