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Strength Training for MMA/Boxing

Single Arm/Leg Balancing Press This is one example of a joint stability exercise that we have integrated into our routines at POW. July and August have had a goal of joint stability. We rotate our goals every 1-2 months. It is a challenging exercise, but I love it because it can be done in... Read more »

Wisconsin Reviews MMA Rules

Taken from Chicago Tribune online today July 25, 2010. Provided by the Associated Press. MADISON, Wis. —  Regulators will hold a series of meetings next month to educate the mixed martial arts industry about new regulations governing the sport.  Gov. Jim Doyle earlier this year signed a bill that gives the Department of Regulation and... Read more »

MMA in the US Military: Soldier Survival Training

Recent news on the war in the Middle East is that General David Petraeus, the new US Commander in Afghanistan is abandoning the previous strategy created by General Stanley McChrystal, who was recently dismissed.  Gen Petraeus’ plan involves a far more comprehensive counter-insurgency campaign, involving more troops and integrating American efforts with the local militias.   ... Read more »

Michael Jackson's Kids Learning Martial Arts

The martial arts is a perfect activity for celebrity kids.  It is an environment where the playing field is equal.  Because of the engrained discipline and the hierarchy system, martial arts can really give a highly privileged child a sense of normalcy. The late pop star Michael Jackson I am sure struggled with providing a... Read more »

James Toney vs Randy Couture Boxing MMA Merge?

Bout between James Toney and Randy Couture could bring boxing-vs.-MMA debate to head The 41-year-old Toney, a former boxing champion in three divisions, has signed on for his first mixed martial arts event Aug. 28 against former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight king Couture, 47. The rhetoric is already heating up. Story by Lance Pugmire Check... Read more »

Groupon Offering a MMA Deal

Today’s Deal:$25 for One Ticket to Team USA Mixed Martial Arts vs. The World at Toyota Park in Bridgeview at 7 p.m. July 31 ($53 Value) Click Below to the link on Groupon’s website to purchase this deal.

Ken Shamrock Should Retire: Majority Opinion?

Jake Rossen from wrote on Ken Shamrock’s delusions of MMA grandeur.  I realize the point I was trying to make yesterday about Shamrock was not exclusive, but Rossen highlights the obvious about Shamrock’s past prime pursuits in a worthwhile article.   Ken Shamrock’s Borrowed Time   He needs money, but that’s hardly the problem:... Read more »

Ken Shamrock Hopefully Retiring

Ken Shamrock reminds me of a character actor.  For me, he has never had the skills to be the leading man.  I do not mind seeing his face pop up here or there, but please do not give him to many lines or top billing.   Shamrock at 46 years of age, has a record... Read more »

Debi Purcell - MMA Professional, Paved Road For All Fighters

Taken from THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER IRVINE – You might want to run if you get caught in a cage with Debi Purcell. Being the recipient of her flying knee pretty much guarantees a ruined day. Purcell is known for being a pioneer in the world of mixed martial arts for women – training alongside... Read more »

MMA Meets Kettlebell Training, Part 5

This is absolutely one of the best exercises ever!  It is the perverbial ‘total body’ movement.  It requires balance, a strong core, focus, coordination and technique.  The actual movement even without the kettle bell is challenging and completely applicable to mixed martial arts.  The movement is biomechanically sound and depicts how to properly get up... Read more »