Fedor's Loss is Good for MMA

Although Scott Coker, Strikeforce CEO was counting on Fedor to win against Fabricio Werdum yesterday evening,I think it is better for Strikeforce and the heavyweight division that he lost.  

Werdum beat Fedor in the first round due to submission.  Werdum was not highly unsupported in his match-up against the top-ranked, much feared, Russian Emperor of MMA; but most did not think it was going to be Fedor’s night to “make a mistake.”  Werdum is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with good overall skills.  Black Belt status is considered to be a pedigree in MMA, but it is not as feared as it once was.  WIthout the integration of the stand up and the takedown defense, BJJ has not become a reliable strategy for the single stylists to excel in the MMA  game today.  This is not the case for Werdum who has beaten Antonio Silva, Alistar Overeem, Brandon vera and Gabriel Gonzaga, the later by TKO. 

Oddly though, Werdum beat Fedor with a triangle armbar and his brother Aleksander Emelianenko in 2006 with a Arm Triangle Choke.  Perhaps Werdum has the Emelianenko number.  Werdum proved a lot last night, surviving a solid right moments after the bell rang.
If you look into the MMA crystal ball, you should not be surprised that there is already talk of a Fedor – Fabricio II and a title shot for last night’s Chute Box Champ against Overeem (who he has beaten once).  The heavy weight division just got a little more interesting.  Add Andre Arlovski into the mix and Werdum is set with three rematches, pending wins, that could solidify him as one of the best heavyweights in MMA history. 
Check out pic from last nights fights, provided by Strikeforce and M-1 Global. 

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