ChessBoxing - Really and Serious?

Can you beleive there is a World ChessBoxing Organization and they have championship bouts?  It is exactly what you think -chess and then boxing.

The concept is to combine a thinking sport with a fighting sport.  This integration is intended to display brains and brawn.  I guess that woulod make for the perfect man.  So perhaps this is where women should hang out to find their future husband.  Men with a strategic, organized way of thinking, yet in shape, gorgeous shoulders and tough man skills.
Chessboxing requires its athletes to compete in alternating rounds of chess and boxing.  It begins with a round of chess, followed by a boxing round and then it repeats itself.  The entire contest lasts for 11 rounds total, 6 of them chess amd 5 boxing.  The chess rounds take 4 minutes, but there is 12 minutes on the chess timer.  The boxing rounds are 3 minutes in length.  The one minute break inbetween rounds is enough time for the competitors to change their gear.

The sports is judged by the following:

  • checkmate
  • exceedng the time limit
  • retirement of an opponent in either the chess or boxing
  • knockout
  • referee decision
  • stalemates are determined by the hiring score of the opposite sport
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