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Rich Franklin Interview

Here is a quick interview I had with Rich Franklin.  He will be fighting Chuck Liddell on a PPV UFC Event June 12th.  The Former MIddleweight Champion shared a little insight into his training.   KO:  Give us one sample week of your training program when preparing for a fight. RF:  Four days a week... Read more »

Rich Franklin Gives Tips to Southpaw MMA Fighters

Rich Franklins Shares Basic Southpaw Tips A Lefty’s Jab is Thrown Over the Top. “As a lefty I am always fighting a righty.  I run into the problem that my opponent’s lead foot is directly in front of my lead foot.  This places us in an open stance.  What I am trying to do is... Read more »

Rich Franklin's Fights June 12th, MMA Exercises

This is the ending position from the above movement.  Continue doing this movement in a smooth manner.  Avoid using your hands.  Switch directions once you get the hang of it.  This is an adapted four point base drill for the resist a ball.
Rich Franklin (25-5-0), the Former UFC Middleweight Champion is naturally eager to get back into the octagon at UFC 115 on June 12th. Franklin has presented a golden boy image for mixed martial arts since he first got in the UFC back in 2003 when he beat Evan Tanner by TKO.  Franklin has professionalized every... Read more »

Rich Franklin's MMA Exercises

Here is a continuation from Monday’s Blog.  Rich Franklin shares another exercise from his personal workout regiment. Franklin explains why he does the ball knee tuck with rotations as part of his MMA training. “The knee tuck and rotation mimics when I am laying on my back and someone is in my guard and I... Read more »

Porn Tape Features Playboy Model Kendra & MMA Faux-Fighter

Kendra Wilkinson, ex-Playboy model / reality show star and Justin Frye are starring in a sex tape that apparently is putting about $100,000.00 in his pocket after negociations with Vivid Entertainment.  You must be wondering why this un-important deal is even part of the MMA news circuit.  Frye, once a boyfriend and roomate of Wilkinson... Read more »

Results of Strikeforce's Event - Lindland Wins

Home State Hero Matt Lindland Knocks Out Kevin Casey While Rising Star Tyron Woodley Escapes Defeat In  Close Decision Over Nate Coy At STRIKEFORCE Challengers   Bowling, Saffiedine and Healy all winners on SHOWTIME® from the Rose Garden in Portland, Ore. PRESS RELEASE FROM STRIKEFORCE   PORTLAND, ORE. (May 21, 2010) – Newly turned 40-year-old Matt “The Law” Lindland sent the raucous Portland... Read more »

Fight Fan? A Must Read Book

Joyce Carol Oates; book, On Boxing  (  is an absolute must read for fight fans.  Oates, known for a completely different subject matter writes with absolute clarity why boxing is such a great sport.  She dives into a bit of history and a somewhat psychological anaylsis of the sport, but without smothering your own thoughts... Read more »

MMA Fghting Terms - MMA for Dummies

There are so many new fans of MMA. Lots of women have embraced the sport and the cross over of fans from the WWE has doubled MMA’s popularity in the last 5 years. But do all the new fans really know what they are watching and understand the sport and how it is played. In... Read more »

Tight Shoulders & Pecs Slowing Your Punching Down?

Once you are in place, then use the opposite hand to help rotate the body off the floor as if to turn towards the ceiling.  This stretch is very intense.  Push slowly at first and do not be surprised if you can not roll much of your chest off the ground.  It will help to take the leg, as you see in the picture and reach it back towards the arm that is stretching.    Hold for 15-30 seconds at a time.  Warm the shoulders up first before doing this stretch.  It is ideal to use this stretch throughout your workout.
Tight shoulders are hardly unique to boxers or punchers of any kind.  All types of athletes experience lack of range throughout their shoulder joint which ultimately leads to poor sport performace.  This is certainly happening during this fine Spring season as baseball has begun.  Mike Pelfrey from the New York Mets has been experiencing shoulder... Read more »

Should MMA Events Feature Kickboxing Bouts?

I read through the MMA rumor-mil that Strikeforce may be considering adding kickboxing bouts to their MMA cards.  The primary kickboxing organizations out there that feature the best talent is K-1, based out of Tokyo, Japan and It’s Showtime, operated out of Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The MMA scene as it stands seems to have a lot... Read more »