Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit on May 15th, Exercise 4

The popularity of mixed martial arts has shed a lot of attention on how these athletes train.  Their overall routine is all encompassing, challenging and unique compared to many sports.  Because of the nature of training 4 different sports, along with the plyometrics and strength exercises that correspond to each of them, MMA training is considered to be one of the most difficult workout routines out there.

Andrei Arlovski along with other MMA fighters like Randy Couture, RIch Franklin and George St. Pierre are worthy representations of the athleticism that goes into MMA.  The key to maintaining  the skill sets required in the cage without the body abuse is sport specific conditioning that has functional strength compenents, as well as technical applications for the MMA game.  For example, rope training – very common now in functional training gyms, takes 2-4 inch thick ropes and incorporates them into a circuit routine.  This tool is perfect for MMA.  Whether it is hanging from the ceiling or attached to an anchor on the floor, rope drills have become very popular.

In the drill featured below, Arlvoski uses it for a total body exercise that mimics doing an arm bar from the closed guard.  Although this exercise requires far more effort than doing it from the guard, it an amazing total body exercise.  When performing this movement you may add a little bounce off the floor to keep your momentum going since you want to push yourself to your threshold.  Otherwise, place your hands high in the rope when pulling yourself up and shoot your legs up towards the ceiling, crossing them at the top.  Make sure you lower yourself with control to avoid injurying your shoulder or back.

Perform 3-6 sets of 30 seconds.  Try to get at least 6 reps in 30 seconds.  

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