Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit on May 15th, Exercise 3

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The results
of a recent poll on the ( shows
Andrei Arlovski favored to win his against Antonio “Big Foot” Silva,
84% to 14%, which takes place in St. Louis on May 15th.  The fight is
hosted by Strikeforce and can be watched on Showtime.


the card is Brett Rodgers, a Midwestern MMA fighter that shocked us all with a
highlight reel worthy knock-out that detoured Arlovksi’s MMA career for the
last year or so.  Arlovksi took the fight against Rodgers last minute
while in training with Freddie Roach in LA to make his debut in professional
boxing.  The knock-out was fairly devastating to The Pitbull’s camp and
the fans that surrounded him.  It casted tremendous doubt on Arlovski’s
ability to take a punch and certainly changed his course from the professional
boxing route.

As I have said before, losses can revitalize and sometimes
set a fighter completely straight.  BJJ and MMA coach Dino Costeas for The
Pitbull is hoping the very same thing to be true.  “Arlovski has been
training efficiently and is taking Silva serious, he has got his game back and
his priorities are where they should be, ” shared Costeas.  

Train like Andrei Arlovski by integrating balance and
stability training into your routine. 
A great way to improve joint strength and stability is to put balance
intervals in-between your explosive drills.  Plyometrics are an important part of Arlovski’s sport
specific training routines, but the placement of stability training like
working on a wobble board can improve the integrity of the joint which can
prevent injuries and improve dynamic reaction.   A good example of this is below.  Use a vewdoo board, wobble board, foam
roller or a BOSU.

Series 1, 3 sets (12 minutes)

  • Speed round on jump rope – 1 minute
  • Box jumps – 30 seconds
  • Slicing lunges with weighed medicine ball (rotation is
    added) – 1 minute
  • Balancing drill – 1 minute

Series 2, 3 sets  (15 minutes)

  • Medicine ball toss with sprawl – 1 minute
  • Single leg, lateral low box jump – 30 second each side
  • Speed thai round kicks to heavy bag  – 2 minute round
  • Balancing drill – 1 minute

Series 3, 3 sets (10 minutes )

  • Calves, weight machine or raises with dumbbells, 30
  • Jumping knee tucks, 30 seconds
  • Kettlebells, squat swings – 1 minute
  • Balancing drill – 1 minute

Program – 37 minutes in length

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