Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit on May 15th, Exercise 2

Andrei Arlovski is a great reference to use when aspiring to look like a MMA athlete.  He has a physique that is perfect for so many sports, but truly ideal for a combat sports fighter.  Although many fighters have a lot less to work with and their legacy will never be their physical attributes and athletic poise, Arlovski seems to have it all.  Aside from his natural talent, he is surrounded by an amazing MMA team.  Dino Costeas ( and Mike Garcia (http://www.jabbchicago) have been by Andrei’s side since the beginning.  Along with wrestling coaches from Overtime in Naperville, Illinois  ( and  Chicago Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tim Allegretti (, Arlovski is a lucky fighter.  His luck runs parallel with loyalty.  Despite jumping ship when he was at the top of career, for a professional boxing career, that flashed before his eyes; all these men have remained by his side.  They are committed to getting Arlvoski back on the championship path and forgiven him for abandoning the MMA training they all invested into him.

Arlovski fights Antonio “Big Foot” Silva with Strikeforce on Showtime, May 15th.  If you want to train along with him, try adding this new exercise to your routine and see how you measure up incorporating a MMA fighter’s sport specific strength drill.

Equipment: Adjustable Head Cable Machine, preferably a Free-
Motion,  JC Santana Padded

Andrei uses:  60
pounds on the cable stack

Goal:  To keep
the movement fluid. This exercise is specific to having explosive power when
doing takedowns, in particular single leg takedowns.  Go for 30 seconds making each repetition smoothier and
stronger.  You can work anywhere from
4-8 sets (on both sides) as a superset to other exercises.  Best to work these when you are not
fresh to simulate the fatigue felt when inside the octogon.

Tips:  Do not
jerk at the end of the movement causing you to displace your center of
gravity.  Make sure you keep solid

Watch for an unsupported back, it is common to let go of
your core once you begin feeling fatigue.

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