Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit by May 15th

Andrei Arlovski will take on Antonio Silva on Strikeforce’s May15th Showtime card.  As a Chicago resident, Arlovski maintains a strong local following from more than just the Russian and MMA community.  The Chi-town Belarussian has endured a career filled with dramatic upsets, his most recent to Brett Rodgers and Fedor Emelianko.  On the flip side, he has also sat on top of the heavyweight division as a reigning champ. Regardless of which side Arlovski sits he brings a fanbse with him and an ‘X’ factor that makes people want to watch him.  

Arlovski has had a lot of distractions like most athletes.  Everything from women, socializing, celebrity-dom, fashion shows and appearences has lured this MMA fighter away from his profession as a MMA athlete.  WIth all that being said, nothing has proven to mess with his MMA game more than poor decisions made by his management and his time boxing with Freddie Roach,  
A convuluded training agenda has confused his instinctual fight responses and clouded his judgement when facing opponents in the octogon.  Dino Costeas ( his long time MMA and BJJ coach has pounded his head against the wall many of times trying to keep his ex-UFC Champ on track and focused on a solid MMA strategy.  But since his two loses, Costeas ( admits that, “Arlovski has gained better perspective and not just the kind you get because you lose a fight.”  I lost my fight to Brett [Rodgers] because I didn’t follow my game plan,” admits Arlovski.  Costeas reveals that losses can be the best thing for fighters who forget what thier job is and who they should listen to.  Arlovski and Costeas hope to demonstrate these changes with the Strikeforce contract leading to 3 wins in a row.
Try adding some of Arlovski’s training drills to your program and get in fit fight shape.  Below is a Sled Drag that he does with his Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tim Allegretti from West Loop Gym


Equipment: Sled & Rope Plates

Goal:  This raw exercise is one that feels like pure manual labor.  It is a total body exercise that develops tremendous core strength, but in particular great stability when being powerful.

Tips:   Do not try to use just your arms.  Draw power from your torso and back muscles.  It is also helpful to have space so you are able to get big committed pulls before having to jog to the other side of the room and repeat the exercise.

Watch out that you have warmed up your back.  This is not the one to add into your program if you are recovering from a back injury.

Perform between 3-7 sets depending on the length of room.  Pyramid your weight by starting light and then build to a max and return back to the lighter weight.

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