The Ignorance of Boxers Who Think They Can Walk Easily Into the Cage

james_toney_240x230_122404.jpgThe question of whether a boxer is better than a ground fighter has been tested since UFC began.  What has been determined by the MMA industry is that you can not be successful in the sport of MMA without training MMA.  MMA incorporates ground fighting, and time has shown that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a more evolved game than its Japanese origins.  Additionally, you need to adapt the boxer’s striking game to a power punching strategy, you will be useless if you do not know how to answer the keen clinch from the sport of Muay Thai and deliver devastating leg kicks and even elbows.  And finally, you better know how to respond to a takedown attempt and when the moment presents itself shoot for your own takedown without eating a knee to the face.  

I am a long time, die-hard, devoted fan of the sport of boxing.  But the naivete of boxers who think they can just make an easy transition to the sport of MMA, because their right hand is made of steel (or so they think), frustrates me.  Below is a story released today Darren Wong from the Bleacher Report that has another James Toney snooping around the UFC cage – clearly to get a payday because he is not able to get another one inside of the ring.

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