The Bodies of Frank Mir

Frank Mir has endured a lot for physical challenges and tests.  After being derailed from his UFC championship status in 2004 due a motorcycle accident, he spent an enormous amount of time in physical therapy not to mention getting back on the road to his MMA training.  Since re-emerging onto the MMA scene in 2006 against Marcio Cruz, not even 2 years after his accident his body has gone through many phases.  Although a heavyweight with overall athletics abilities and  respectable ground skills, he experienced what I consider to be the norm for most in the sport – a loss here and there, a good win , a great win, an easy win and even a ‘no-biggie’ loss.

The current phase of Mir is muy grande.   He has added about 20 pounds of muscle for his fight on March 27th, UFC  111 PPV  against Shane Carwin.  Carwin who was caught in the face with three solid right hands against Gonzaga brings more than just enormous size to the octagon, but the ability to withstand the brutality of the stand up game and the pressure of a seasoned fighter. Carwin who won his bout against Gonzaga has Mir respectfully aware of his overall damage threshold, in addition to a skill set for MMA that has improved tremendously in the last 18 months.  In fact, it is these components of Carwin’s game that has Mir eager to fight him.  Mir acknowledges all viable options and outcomes and is training for each one.  But Mir will walk into the octagon on March 27th with two things in common with Carwin, a shared hate for Brock Lesnar and enormous size that makes even Andrei Arolvski look like one of the smaller heavyweight in the MMA game.
While on a Las Vegas talk show, Mir was asked what was the deal with is obsession over Brock Lesnar – that he could be compared to Captain Ahab’s obsession with Moby Dick.  Mir went with that analogy and said, ” I like Moby Dick for (Brock), he’s big, he’s white and he is a dick.”  Although he continues to apologize about his unsavory comments he made about his nemesis Lesnar, he maturely acknowledged that Lesnar is not within reach at this time and Shane Carwin has to happened first.  Mir is confident that with his new size and the more time training with the 10% increase of muscle mass, access to his fight skills will become more explosive and intuitive.

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