Boxing verse MMA - Foolish James Toney

So Ray Mercer knocked out Tim Sylvia with a punch that is highlight wheel worthy.  But James Toney is in for a rude awakening now that he has signed a fight deal with the UFC. Ray Mercer, James Toney and KJ Noons were all guests on HD Net Fight Night this past Friday discussing the topic of boxing verse MMA.  Personally I felt the hosts, Bas Rutten included were way too submissive when Toney gave his highly educated input (hah!).  After all, Toney did do karate as a kid.

As Toney struggled to name any top fighters in the game today,only being able to come up with Tito Ortiz when discussing the topic of who he wants to fight, I shook my head as he continued to make foolish comments.  “I am not going to let one of those guys lay on me like a fag,” educated feedback from Toney about his future in the octagon.  
James-Toney19.jpgToney really believes that he is the best boxer in world and should actually walk into the cage and fight the best MMA fighter in his weight class.  Even Mercer revealed that, “I have to admit, MMA makes boxing look kinda easy… the training is actually harder than the actual fights.”  Mercer who seemed to walk a more honest line during the show this past Friday, was still careful to be loyal to the boxing community.  This I did not mind too much, afterall it is his first love and he should keep the sweet science on a pedestal, it is a great sport.  But Toney’s ego is so giganormous (I had to make the word up to describe it) that it will likely cause him to stumble through training MMA and the completely different texture of being caged to fight a man who knows to simply stay away from your punches.

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