Randy Couture vs Mark Coleman, This Saturday - Should I be Excited?

Although I am hosting a UFC party for this week’s 109th event headlining Randy Couture verse Mark Coleman, it does not get me that excited.  Beyond the fact that on paper it is a fight that should have happened years ago, Coleman verse anyone just doesn’t do it for me.  I know he beat Stephen Bonner recently (which I didn’t expect), but that’s it.  Randy Couture on the other hand, has earned so much respect with his wins and losses.  Couture’s loss to Nogueira was amazing – he demonstrated more skill in that loss than most fighters do in their wins.  I have lost interest in fighters like the Shamrocks, Bob Sapp, Don Frye, Guy Mezger, Mark Kerr, Dan Severn and even Tito Ortiz.  I want to see the HERE and the NOW – those that are pushing the sport of MMA forward, evolving it in their training, their technique, their integration of the components of striking, thai kicks, wrestling and BJJ.  

Coleman defeated Dan Severn in UFC 12 on February 7th, 1997.  As a previous NCAA collegiate wrestler and former Olympic wrestler his foundation is very similar to Couture’s.  However, his contributions to the sport of MMA in the past 5-7 years does not compare to Couture.  Although a PRIDE fighter, Coleman sports a 16-9-0 record – that spans from 1996 to 2009. That is 25 fights in 14 years. Couture carries 17 wins over 10 losses, or 27 fights in a 13 year time span. Couture was born in 1963 and Coleman in 1964, there are 6 months between them.  They are both considered legends, they are both Hall of Famers, they both have wrestling pedigrees, yada, yada. So on paper they seem to be well-matched, but I am still not jazzed about this Superfight, with no title on the line.
Help me out?  Other than the fact that Coleman and Couture should have fought perhaps years ago, why should I care now about Coleman. Okay, I am impressed with the fact that two men in their mid-forties are headlining the fight, so a fighter’s MMA prime has changed or are they just the exception?  
This wrestler- match-made in heaven is just a way to get the Brock Lesnar fans and wrestling crowd something to talk about.  I realize that many are saying that wrestling is the current trend and ‘thing’ in MMA right now – but it won’t stick.  The wrestler’s true short-comings in the sport are clear to the well-rounded MMA fans and practitioners, and will be revealed to the new fan base as fighters, like GSP, Aldo, Penn, SIlva, Fedor, Machida, Mousasi,Torres have bouts this year.  Thoughts?

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