Pregnant While Training MMA or Martial Arts? Exercising Pregnant.

There are many people who have very conservative views on the appropriate level of exercise while pregnant. I have exercised until my delivery date through my 2 first pregnancies and now at 39 weeks pregnant I say you can keep it up – FOR SURE.  I would never suggest that anyone begins doing combat sports / MMA when pregnant, but if you are a martial artist who is not experiencing complications (and your physicians approve an exercise program) there is no reason to stop training.  Yes, you will modify your training at various stages of your pregnancy.  But stopping is not necessary.  In fact, some days you will change very little and on others you will be lucky to stretch out because you are having a bad day.  

The truth is that the martial arts has so many exercises that develop core strength, strength in the pelvic floor, keep the legs tone, enhance joint stability and promote wonderful flexibility.  All these fitness enhancements are just as important for a healthy body when you are pregnant.  Exercise is such a great way to minimize so many of the discomforts that seem unavoidable. 

Remember that all aspects of your training can be modified week to week, if not day to day  These are some of the MMA training drills that I was able to continue doing until a few weeks ago.  My experience is not going to be the same as other women’s, but you will be able to practice at various levels of intensity and speed so many areas of your martial arts.  I was 32 weeks pregnant when I took these shots.  In the last 4 weeks a lot of this has been too hard, but during my first pregnancy, I was able to do most of it until about 38 weeks.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions about your training. 
“According to the Mayo Clinic – there is no reason to sit around when you are pregnant, unless you are expecting complications, sitting around won’t help.  In fact, pregnancy can be a great time to get active even if you haven’t exercised in a while.”

Ten reasons to follow a program designed with safe and fit pregnancy exercises:

  1) Speedier recovery after delivery
  2) Increased sense of well being and self esteem
       during and after pregnancy
  3) Less leg cramps
  4) Larger placenta which in turn provides an
       increased nutrient base for the baby
  5) Decrease the risk of excessive weight gain
       caused by an increase of fat storage
  6) Stronger lower back which in turn reduces
       the risk of lower back pains
  7) Decrease the likelihood of varicose veins
  8) Reduced chances of having a Caesarean birth
  9) Higher chances of achieving labor either a
       few days earlier or on time
10) Exercise helps prepare the body for the stresses
       imposed by labor and delivery


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  • Very nice article. I have 7 week pregnant, I take the less calories food, I have gestational diabetes, able to control it through a healthy diet tailored for my specific needs. The risk of gestational diabetes is just reason why prenatal care is so important.

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