Boxing's Craziest - Mayorga MMA Debut Moved to May

Ricardo Mayorga, known for dropping Felix Trinidad in the 3 rd and defeating Fernando Vargas holds a professional boxing record of 29-7, with 23 knockouts.  Mayorga, Latin American Champ has faced a lot of trouble in his career, much worse than his losses against Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosely.  With criminal charges for various actions following him from his homeland of Nicaragua to his training camps here in the US, Mayorga has tailored his fighting focus towards the mixed martial arts.  He has been referred to as the, “craziest man in the sport of boxing.”

Originally scheduled to make his MMA debut next month, he is now fighting in May against American Top Team trained, Din Thomas on a PPV card that will cost fans $29.95.  No word on the other fighters lined-up to justify the cost. With lots of doubts about his ability to make mayorga.jpgthe transition from the 12 round, 3 minute format to a cage brawl that requires much longer rounds, MMA fans probably shouldn’t mark their calendar for this event.  However,  those who love the sport of boxing, will probably be willing to add it to their cable bill.
The fight will take place in Fayetteville, NC.  And as to be expected, the “craziest” man in boxing has already started his trash talk to hype the May bout.  “I conquered the world in the boxing ring, all the while I was puffing on cigarettes and drinking beer … I cannot be denied as I am a force of nature.  Now I will shock MMA fans…I will destroy Din Thomas.  I am going to smash him the way I did the superstars of boxing,” Mayorga expressed gracefully 

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