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Tips For a Healthier Holistic Life

The traditional martial arts has always offered a lot of opportunity to become familiar with Chinese medicine.  So many of the philosophies of Chinese medicine or a holistic perspective are intertwined into their literature, proverbs and lessons.  With the insurgence of mixed martial arts and all the combat sports, these lessons have become more obsolete... Read more »

MMA Sanctioning in NYC - Update

New York’s Governor Paterson presented an official budget this year which provided details of how tax revenue for MMA regulated events would be generated, there fore another source of income for the state of New York.  Demonstrating great support Gov. Paterson even appeared on the Don Imus show to explain why he supported its passing.... Read more »

TapOut's Punkass and Skyscrape in Chi-town Saturday, Feb 27

Punkass and Skyskrape, the larger-than-life personalities and forces behind the MMA brand TapouT will be in Chicago this Saturday, February 27 signing fan memorabilia and TapouT apparel.   Where: Spencer’s in the Chicago Ridge Mall               591 Chicago Ridge Mall, Space H18 Chicago, IL 60415   When: Saturday, February 27, 2010              ... Read more »

Boxing's Craziest - Mayorga MMA Debut Moved to May

Ricardo Mayorga, known for dropping Felix Trinidad in the 3 rd and defeating Fernando Vargas holds a professional boxing record of 29-7, with 23 knockouts.  Mayorga, Latin American Champ has faced a lot of trouble in his career, much worse than his losses against Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosely.  With criminal charges for... Read more »

Strikeforce Line-up for Feb. 25th on SHOWTIME

  Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010, Hilton San Jose, San Jose, California   STRIKEFORCE: Challengers ON SHOWTIME® Friday, Feb. 26, 2010; Telecast Begins at 11 p.m. ET/PT   SAN JOSE, Calif.  – The 24 mixed martial arts fighters all made weight for the historic STRIKEFORCE: Challengers fight card tomorrow/Friday, Feb. 26 on SHOWTIME® (11 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) at the... Read more »

Improve Sexual Pleasure and Performance with Martial Arts & MMA Training

Research says that sex can help ease joint and muscle pain, fight depression and even improve the heart’s overall health.  Many cultures also say it lengthens a person’s life span.   Sex can be thought of as an act of endurance, or hopefully that is the way you experience it.  In many cases the arms... Read more »

Pregnant While Training MMA or Martial Arts? Exercising Pregnant.

There are many people who have very conservative views on the appropriate level of exercise while pregnant. I have exercised until my delivery date through my 2 first pregnancies and now at 39 weeks pregnant I say you can keep it up – FOR SURE.  I would never suggest that anyone begins doing combat sports... Read more »

Debi Purcell on Celebrity Fit Club Tonight!

Fighter Girls is proud to announce that Debi Purcell,MMA fighter and owner of the popular women’s MMA Website, will be on “Celebrity Fit Club” tonight Feb. 22 on VH1. Purcell is a highly rated fighter and grappler who has been on shows such as “Warrior Nation” on MSNBC, “Montel”, and just recently in the BBC documentary: “Cage Fighting Women”.  ... Read more »

MMA- A Future Olympic Sport?

Speculating about MMA as a future Olympic sport seems to only be relevant as a conversational topic because we are in the middle of the Olympic.   I am not convinced that that the golden rings will encapsulate the sport of professional MMA.   Apparently there was some discussion about this over the weekend in... Read more »

Feel Stress or Tension? 8 Stretches, 5 minutes for Work

Although there are so many reasons we feel stress and tension throughout our body, helping to relieve it can be solved by 5 minute stretching breaks throughout your work day. Stretching is important because it helps to reduce the tension we feel in the muscle by increasing the length and even stimulating blood flow. As a... Read more »