Great Core Exercise for MMA/ Combat Sports Training

Medicine ball training is not very complicated.  There are so many useful adaptations where a somewhat benign exercise can become redefined by adding the weighted ball.  I like two types of medicine balls – those that bounce and have a stickiness or those with handles on the side of them.  The exercise shown above needs a ball that bounces and can be adapted to any level of strength. Below are some tips about how to do this exercise safely and even with a partner.
1.  The closer you are to the wall the easier it is.
2.  The harder you throw the ball the faster it will come back to you which makes is more intense.
3.  Warm up your core and lower back before doing an explosive rotating exercise like this one  – even basic crunches, some standing torso rotation and lumbar extension can provide good prep to avoid injury.
4.  Begin with your feet on the ground and than progress to lifting your feet up.
5.  Think about keeping your ankles and knees strapped together which will engage your core more.
6.  Keep the elbows in line with your rib cage as you throw the ball, this will help keep the ball toss in a straight line and prevent you from accidentally tossing it over your shoulder.
7.  If you don’t have a wall, you can toss it back and forth with a partner.
8.  After doing this exercise, stretch out your abs, by rolling onto your stomach and pressing up into a cobra stretch or up-dog position.
Good Luck

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