MMA Tries to Define a Real Man

I asked  this question to some of MMA professionals.  MMA fighting is
revered as a tough man’s sport. 
But toughness does not necessarily define manliness.  So what does a real man need to exude
the essence of manhood?

bj-penn2.jpgEddie Bravo, UFC Commentator, LA, CA

“I think every man should be able to keep his ego under control, but unfortunately most can’t. There is no way you can kill the ego, but you can control it like a you’re a black belt in bjj and it’s a blue belt on it’s back with your knee on it’s belly. I’ve seen way too many men on their backs with their egos mounting them, and nothing is more disgusting than that.”

Miller, Pro MMA Fighter, Chicago, Il, Team Dino Costeas

 “A real man always stands up for himself, he doesn’t have to
act tough, takes care of his children and doesn’t fight his pitbull.”  Miller an ex-US Marine had a lot of say
about manhood, using his grandfather as his role model. “  My grandfather took care of 7 kids and
always demonstrated a backbone. “

images-1.jpegJeff Curran,Pro MMA Fighter, Pedro Sauer JJS Team,
Crystal Lake, Il

A real man stays loyal to family and friends.  I feel you have to put
everyone else first when it comes to the essentials of life.  I feel that
a real man should be able to admit when he has fallen short and not make
excuses for himself.  A real man gets up after getting knocked down and
gets up strong!!!”

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