15 of my Favorite MMA Quotes

I have given you 15 of my favorite MMA quotes and a little commentary.  Please give me your favorite – send ones I should have included.

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15.    “I don’t want to fighter Jake Shields, because he has no personality, he’s a boring fighter, and when he got to CBS, and it was his chance to be a star, leg humped {Jason Miller] all night long, and killed our ratings.   That’s why I don’t want to fight Jake Shields.”.

Frank Shamrock

I am not sure that I
believe this to be the reason he really doesn’t want to fight Miller, he just
has no chance on the ground against superior BJJ skills, but I will give
Shamrock the point on losing fans since most of them are not educated about
anything other than punch – kick. 
Most have no clue about the true strategy and effort of the ground game.

14.   “I
want to fuck… I want to fight chuck, FUCK CHUCK!”  Wanderlei Silva

Okay, I know everyone uses this one and remembers it.  Even other MMA fighters say it in
interviews.  But can we really
forget it?


13.    “I’m the best eva!!!” – Phil Baroni

And the award for most self-absorbed,
delusional fighter goes to PHIIIIILLLLLL BAROONIIIII!

12.  “When I be losing I be gettin’ my ass
whupped. But when I be winnin’ I be doing the ass whuppin’!”  Rampage Jackson

He received his elocution lessons from Martha Stewart, her days ‘inside’ will help her relate when he guest appears on her show featuring his recipe for Doritos-encrusted chicken breasts.

11.  “Half of this game is 90%
mental.”  Tim Sylvia

It’s alright, we knew what he meant to say, that for him half of MMA  is 10% skill.

10.  You got kicked. By a Kick.”  Ken Shamrock

I’m not the first to throw this one out there, but a simple explanation helps when you are speaking to a class of 2nd graders.


9. “If
Tyson Griffin was a girl, I would say he has a badonkadonk.”  Joe Rogan

But come on Joe, he isn’t a girl. Stop buying in West Hollywood. 


8.  “I’m an avid atheist, I believe in science.”  Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Some have clarified his statement as a mis-quote.  He believes in Xience.

7.   “This is a place where I put my
stuff.”  GSP referring to his head

GSP will never be known for clever things to say, but how is it that everything he says seems ‘cute’?  You do know this column is written by a girl right?

6.  “A belt only covers two inches of your
****and the rest you need to back up on your own.”  Royce Gracie

 Probably not originally his words, I am sure Mr. Miyagi told Daniel-son this before winning with a jumping front kick; But it is the absolute truth.

5.  “When they took away headbutts, I had
to learn some skills.” Mark Coleman

 Hopefully he has developed some for his upcoming match against Randy Couture.  Coleman isn’t exactly known for having much finesse.


4. “Not
bad for an old man.”  Randy Couture

 He will be able to use this line for every year moving forward in MMA regardless if he is fighting or not.  

3.   “Everybody’s got a game plan,
until they get hit!” Mike Tyson and Cro Cop both said this.

One of the truest things about all fighting sports.  The greatest fighters can actually stick to their plan once they have gotten hit.

2.  “He was doing some karate sh** in
there.. that lil Fu***er hit me with a Hadoken or something.”  Nick Diaz about his fight against
Takanori Gomi 

 A hadoken was a special attack used in
the Street Fighters game, personally I never played them, I was more of a
Mortal Kombat II fan.


1.“I was doing this when the prize was going to jail, not
winning belts.” Tank Abbott

An indication of how long he has been doing this and therefore should become a revelation that he should no longer be doing this.

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