Insights into the Minds of Fedor and Rogers

“Fedor Emelianko and Brett Rogers answered some questions this afternoon from the media that you might find interesting.

Questions for Brett Rogers:
Do you think Fedor’s most recent marriage means he is taking his training lightly and preparation for his fight with you this Saturday night?
  ” I doubt it. I don’t think it is a his first marriage either.  No. Not really, he ‘s a fighter and he knows what he needs to do to get ready and he has seen my last fight against Arlovksi.”
You said in the past you had never studied Fedor’s fight tapes, have you done this recently?
“Yeah, this is a big fight for me, so I am using everything I can to get prepared for Saturday…  I feel like to know him, I have been studying him for 3 months now…. If he takes me down, he deserves it, but it isn’t going to be easy to get past my hands.  I have been doing MMA for 6 years.  I am not going to let him control the fight.”
What is your pre-fight ritual?
“I do a whole lot of mediation and relaxation and make sure I can execute the mental part of the game.  This begins the week before the fight.  And 20 minutes before the fight, I sleep up to the point of leaving for the fight.”
Questions for Fedor Emelianenko:
Was it you that wanted to fight here in Chicago and Why?
” There are a lot of Russian people in Chicago and although I love to perform for the American people, but Russian American people too.”

You seem emotion-less during your past fights, do you ever get nervous?
“I am not really nervous before the fight, maybe one day before the fight, certainly I am a human being.”

Who do you think the crowd will be supporting this Saturday, do you think it will be Brett since he was born here and since a lot of fans were upset when you didn’t sign with UFC?
” If that is the case, I do have experience fighting where the audiences supported mostly my opponent. Fans might be disappointed that I didn’t sign with the UFC, but I can not sign a one sided contract and I feel that there should be more for me.”
What is your pre-fight ritual?
“I have short workouts, as soon as I arrive in the UnIted States.  I relax and walk around the city.  Right before the fight, I sleep a little bit and get massage form my coaches, medical examinations…  I have not been playing cards before my last few fights.”


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  • The Chicago city was a very good selection for the fight of russian fighter Fedor Emelianenko, but Brett Rogers lost his nice win/loss stats are ALL fights of Fedor Emelianenko:

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