Fight the Fat From the Bird and its Trimmings

Whether you practice martial arts or not, you have some great meals ahead of you over the next few days.  If you don’t have a lot of training scheduled, or you are eager to seize your free weekend to begin getting into shape; I have given you a couple workout programs that you can do at home to help you fight the fat!  The season for calorie over-consumption begins on Thanksgiving.  I would like to help you keep those calories in check.  Here is the plan.  When you can’t get a workout in, try these workouts at home to help exercise.jpgEffective-Weight-Loss-Exercises.jpgboost your metabolism and maintain muscle mass. The programs below are 10-15 programs which will keep you tone and feeling pumped.

 There isn’t anything better than jumping rope.  The best thing about jump rope is it’s the most portable workout.  The calorie burn is similar to running.  It can burn between 450-650 calories per hour.  The program below is a great workout and takes into account the need to acclimate yourself into jumping rope.  It incorporates the rope into a home interval program.  Begin with 1 minute intervals.  Try this 15 minute workout at home and if you build some momentum, repeat the program to increase your calories burn significantly.
1 minute jumping jacks
1 minute stretching
1 minute jump rope
1 minute chair squats
1 minute jump rope
1 minute crunches
1 minutes jump rope
1 minute lunges
1 minute jump rope
1 minute push ups and mountain climbers
1 minute jump rope
1 chair squats
1 minute jump rope
1 minute ab exercises – any variations
1 minute stretching
If you own a resist-a-ball you are in luck.  Using the ball is a great way to get in shape and strengthen your lower back.  The ball is a tool that can also replace your chair and in doing so, you will be working your core section.  Give this program a try over the weekend.  It is about 10 minutes in length and really focuses on core and lower back.  Remember to repeat it 2 or 3 times if you want to see quicker results.
20 squats with the ball on the wall.  (place the ball behind your lower back and squat keeping your knees at 90 degrees
50 crunches with your feet on the ball.
stretch out
20 lunges alternating sides
holding the ball above your head
Lay on the ground with your feet extended and on top of the ball.  Lower and lift your body in 10 second increments of time, holding your body like a board.  Place your hans where ever it is comfortable.  Do this 10 times.
10-30 pushups.  Beginners do basic pushups on the ground on your knees or toes.  If you want more challenge, lift your legs up on the top of the ball, balance in a plank and then perform your push ups.
50 standing torso rotations.  Begin standing with your feet about hip width apart.  Hold the ball in front of you, squeezing the ball with the palms, holding it firmly. The arms should remain straight.  Then rotate your waist side to side, turning your torso and allow the feet to pivot as you turn your body as to avoid straining your knee.  Engage the abs as you perform these rotations.

This hamstring stretch is a great one to add into every workout routine.

Good luck keeping the calories off over the weekend.  Don’t forget to pass this along to a friend who needs to tone up.  

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