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Best MMA Exercise 5 of 5: Armbar

Armbars on the Rope The final exercise in the Best of series of MMA exercises is the Armbar on the rope.  At first glance, or without having a jiu jitsu skill set, this exercise looks like a double leg lift.  This movement is similar to several acrobatic training drills.  I have actually taken a few... Read more »

Best MMA Exercise 4 of 5: Bear Crawl with Resistance

Bear Crawl with Resistance We are on the fourth day of MMA’s Best 5 Exercises.  Each exercise that has been given integrates some form of explosive training and offers a nice twist on core work and increasing body strength.  This picture is awesome because it shows how some guy added resistance to this drill when... Read more »

Best MMA Exercise 3 of 5: Ball Throw and Sprawl

Starting Position: Throwing Weighed Medicine Ball Against Wall Position 2: In the time that the ball is being slammed against the wall, perform an explosive sprawl to the ground.  Hopefully you have been enjoying this week’s series on MMA’s best exercises.  I have narrowed it down to 5 – one for each day of this... Read more »

Best MMA Exercise 2 of 5: Ground Training on Heavy Bag

Heavy Bag Ground Training A great addition to my series this week on MMA’s best exercises is grounded heavy bag work. This exercise is great for anyone who wants intense explosive training that works the upper body and core.  It is very comprehensive and can be done by even the hard-core exercisers who is just... Read more »

Best MMA Exercises 1 of 5 : Guard Sit-Up

Andrei Arlovski Performing Guard Sit-Up with Elbow Strikes. Each day this week I will post a new exercise that should be part of an MMA training program.  These exercises require an integration of explosive power, core work and strength.   If you are not an MMA fighter, which most of you are not, these are still... Read more »

Fight the Fat From the Bird and its Trimmings

Whether you practice martial arts or not, you have some great meals ahead of you over the next few days.  If you don’t have a lot of training scheduled, or you are eager to seize your free weekend to begin getting into shape; I have given you a couple workout programs that you can do... Read more »

KoRn Singer Jonathan Davis MMA Fan

Jonathan Davis who is the lead vocalist for the  heavy metal/rock band Korn is a die hard MMA fan.  Davis, also plays bagpipes, guitar and drums in many of the recorded albums of the band.  Davis is ranked in the top 100 All Time Heavy Metal Vocalists.  Davis is a Bakersfield, California resident who has... Read more »

DMX Now Being Sued for Backing Out of MMA Fight

I first wrote on October 2nd, that DMX would be moving from dog fighting to cage fighting next month.  Turns out that DMX’s idea of playing the role of MMA fighter next month has changed and may be costing him a cage full of money.  DMX was scheduled to fight Eric Martinez, an industry colleague,... Read more »

UFC 106 Predictions for Tonight Saturday, November 21st

  If you have read my previous postings since the ChicagoNow launch, you know that I am probably not too disappointed that the Brock Lesnar match against Shane Carwin was replaced this weekend with Tito Ortiz’s re-match against Forrest Griffin.  Lesnar was not able to fight due to medical reasons.  I am not happy to... Read more »

Coolio Fighting MMA

“I’ve been doing martial arts for 18 years,” explains Rapper Coolio to a radio personality.  Coolio is scheduled to fight in an MMA bout against an industry colleague Eric Martinez.  Coolio who recently plead guilty to drug possession was forced to drug rehabilitation over the summer.  What isn’t clear is if he accepted this MMA... Read more »