Rumor: WWE Raw Star Shane McMahon May Trade the the Ring for the Cage

Shane McMahon is rumored to leave WEC Raw for the MMA spotlight.   It is not news that he gave his resignation last week to the WWE big wigs, leaving wrestling fans shocked.  McMahon’s father VInce has turned professional wrestling into a billion dollar industry and given himself a reputation as a publicity whore.  Although McMahon (Shane) will be around until the end of the year, he is sure of one thing, ” it is time for him to move on.”  Considered a performer himself amongst the guys and gals in tights, McMahon is eager to see his options.  We will see if there is room for him in the MMA world.  I am not sure it could be as lucrative for him.  Personally, I like the announcers we have in the MMA industry and perhaps his mom Linda will recruit him for her Senate run.


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