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Bas Rutten Answers Some Silly Questions

Bas Rutten, shares a little insight into his life before he became a MMA announcer, fighter, spokesperson and entertainer.  If you never watched him while he announced for PRIDE, check him out on his current show HDNET Fights. First car: fiat 850 and they called them a backpack in Holland.  The engine was in the... Read more »

Bas Rutten Makes Your Knee Strike Stronger

Attach cable to ankle and begin in a fighting stance. Make sure you start a light weight to avoid injury. Do not compromise your form. Still allow the hips to drive forward on this exercise and maintain your balance. Also, make sure you control your leg returning into the fighting stance. Begin with 2 sets... Read more »

Achy Back? Strengthen Your Lower Back Anywhere

An achy back, is no unusual experience. Regardless of the sport you practice, lower back pain is common among all of them.   The need to move through flexion and extension  (bending forward and leaning back), lateral flexion (side bend movement) and rotation (turning at the waist) is mandatory for sports and functional movement throughout the... Read more »

MMA Coming to Chicago Nov 7th - Strikeforce Brings Fedor!

Here is what you need to know for this exciting fight night coming to Hoffman  Estates’ Sears Center.  Strikeforce/CBS/M-1 Global will present a card packed with Worldwide names like Fedor Emelianenko and local Chicago MMA favorite Mark Miller.  Check out who has been confirmed for this fight and a little bit about the event overall.... Read more »

Train with Pro MMA Fighters

It is a little expensive $250 a person, but you get a lot for your money and a chance to see the different training and coaching styles of a lot of great fighters.

Tips for Staying In-Shape as the Cold Settles In

1.  Keep a resist-a-ball at home and use when sitting at the table reading or eating and then of course for any exercise routines. 2.  Limit heavy dinners to 2 nights a week, this will avoid calorie from piling on as the weather gets cold.  3.  Keep your water in-take to 6-10 cups a day... Read more »

Must See Martial Arts Movies

One of my favorite conversation pieces is the whole concept of top ten…, top five…. and so on.  When I am traveling with my friends or husband I like to discuss the whole idea of being on a deserted island (with all the comforts of course) and having to decide what movies, albums and books... Read more »

Chicago's Own Mark Miller Fighting on the Fedor Card this November

Strikeforce has just added Mark Miller, MMA Pro fighter and Chicago resident to their card on November 7th at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates.  Mark Miller  (9-5-0) was a member of last season’s The Ultimate Fighter show on SPIKE TV and fought for Chicago’s IFL Team the Red Bears.  Although Miller does not know... Read more »

Ong Bak 2- Tony Jaa is Back

If you loved the first one and would like to see more of the same dazzling fight scenes, I am giving screening passes away for this Monday night October 12th at 7pm.  Each pass admits two people.  It will be held at the Landmark Century Theatre at 2828 N. Clark.  If you are interested, please... Read more »

Try Free Youth Boxing Classes - Offered in the Loop, A Great Sport for Kids

With the all talk of the 2016 Olympics, many athletic sports have been given more funding and attention in hopes that Chicago would be hosting. Oh well, it didn’t work out.  Regardless, of losing to Rio for this Worldly Event, several Chicago youth programs have benefited. One sport that was a topic of conversation with... Read more »