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Sizing Up Fedor's Opponent Brett Rogers

“He is working as hard as he ever has.  He is in better shape than ever, so I can now push him harder and expand the training to be much more complex.  All of this is possible because he’s evolving,” claims Brett Roger’s trainer Mike Reilly.  Rogers who sits comfortable between  265lb and 295lb will... Read more »

What is the Best Martial Art? Part I

This is one of two most common questions I get when I am at a party and someone reveals my profession.  The other is completely ridiculous – What would you do if I did this…?  Setting that rude question aside considering I am at a party and martial arts demonstrations are not part of my... Read more »

MMA Fans: Showtime Giving you a Peek into Fedor's Opponent Brett Rogers

FIGHT CAMP 360°: Fedor vs. Rogers UPDATE   SHOWTIME Sports® Captures Brett Rogers in Training Camp “I Am Living THE American Success Story…”   Premieres Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME®   SHOWTIME Sports cameras were entrenched in the training camp of undefeated American powerhouse Brett “The Grim” Rogers in Minneapolis earlier this week as he prepares for the highest profile fight of... Read more »

Free Boxing to Help Teens Avoid a Violent Path

It is so shameful that teen violence has been in the news so often.  It seems as although it has increased recently.  Honestly, I am not sure of the exact numbers of violence with teens today verse a year ago or two, but it feels like there have been more deaths at the hands of... Read more »

Can MMA Lure the Latino Fans?

Young white males between 18 and 35 years old has been the fan base that the UFC has relied upon, quite similar to the WWE/WWF.  The sport of MMA even seems to draw its fighters from this demographic.  But can MMA lure the Latino community away from their boxing heroes?   Boxing has had icons... Read more »

Onk Bak Fans - Check out Interview from NY Times

Tony Jaa might be the world’s biggest action star you haven’t heard of. The 33-year-old Thai martial-arts master garnered international acclaim thanks to his starring role in 2003’s Ong Bak, a freewheeling romp about a villager who travels to Bangkok to retrieve a stolen statue — with violent results. The film took two years to reach... Read more »

Vitamin D - Key Component to Being Health

Since I wrote my tips to being healthier about a week ago, I have seen several short stories on the news on the importance of vitamin D throughout the winter season.  Although I briefly mentioned this in my list, it seems like a bit of elaboration could convince many of you that it is a... Read more »

Krav Maga Instructor Training - Notes from North Carolina

I spent 5 days doing an instructor Krav Maga training at a great school in Gastonia, North Carolina (Ryan Hoover’s Extreme Karate).  Most of the time was lead by one of Krav’s highest level instructors – Kelly Campbell.  It was a comprehensive training for all the material that is part of the teaching lessons provided... Read more »

Book of Five Rings Has Modern Day Application

Miyamoto Mushashi, one of history’s most famous samurai swordsmen wrote his philosophies before his death in 1645.  Centuries later it was translated and currently known as the Book of Five Rings.  It is a commonly used  ‘bible’ for many Japanese businessman.  Although Mushashi’s intent when writing his work was to share lessons critical to the survival,... Read more »

Rumor: WWE Raw Star Shane McMahon May Trade the the Ring for the Cage

Shane McMahon is rumored to leave WEC Raw for the MMA spotlight.   It is not news that he gave his resignation last week to the WWE big wigs, leaving wrestling fans shocked.  McMahon’s father VInce has turned professional wrestling into a billion dollar industry and given himself a reputation as a publicity whore.  Although... Read more »