Poor Floyd, Trumped Again!


Rich Franklin – UFC StarThis Saturday night is an exciting night for fight fans.  You have the UFC 103 being stacked up against Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s bout with Manuel “Pee-drinking”Marquez.   The HBO fight night is being picked as this year’s biggest boxing event.  With Mayweather Jr., an undefeated champion, taking on Marquez a worthy opponent, the card should promise the fans the distance and a bang for their buck.  Despite this accurate match-up, UFC 103, a PPV will most likely stomp on it.  Although UFC 103 is not really much of a card other than a few bouts,  I am secretly hoping that HBO keeps its Hispanic demographic, the veteran fight fans and the bars, to pull off a notable night of revenues.

floyd-mayweather.gifSo whether or not fight fans are curious to see if Mayweather runs the ring, like he did in his last fight against Oscar De La Hoya or show up to brawl it out, Rich Franklin and Vitor Belfort will most likely steal the fight-fan’s curious eyes and captivate them with action in the octogon.

UFC 103 has a couple other interesting guys worth watching.  Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic will keep me from snacking.  But honestly, I can’t say I care to watch Frank Trigg at all.  Tyson Griffin verse Hermes Franca should be good, but most of the 155lb bouts deliver satisfiing results for fans.  Everyone else, I could take them or leave them.  I know there is always one sleeper bout, that gets added into the PPV, from the night’s early line up.  
So boxing’s most exciting event of the year is being trumped by a meaningless 195lb match-up between Franklin and Belfort.  Although two great fighters, kind of silly that Franklin, once again is fighting at his “comfortable” weight, that carries no title possibilities.  There isn’t really anything on the line for this Saturday night for these two fighters.  Win or lose, Belfort will still move back to fight for a title against Anderson Silva (MIddleweight UFC Champion) and Franklin, well………I got nothing.

Victor Belfort – a very heavy handed MMA fighter with awesome BJJ skills, clearly happy to meet The heaviest of hands on boxing, Mike Tyson.

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