Fedor is Coming to Chicago, November 7

Fedor Emelianenko will be fighting on November 7th on Strikeforce’s card at the Sears Centre Arena.  Located in Hoffman Estates, about 30 minutes from downtown, with just under 12,000 seats, the Sears Centre will be featured on CBS, offering MMA great exposure to the fedor.9jpg.jpgmainstream sports fan.  Although you will be able to save $44.95 by watching this bout on network television, you may want to take advantage of this MMA bout being in your back yard and order your tickets on Ticketmaster.

I wouldn’t call Emelianenko’s bout against Brett Rogers highly anticipated, like so many, but I look forward to Fedor nonetheless.  Another bout you will see is Jason Miller (22-6-0) verse Jake Shields (23-4-1).  The Miller vs Shields match-up is solid bringing  two fairly diverse fighters with somewhat equal skills.

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