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Meditation - Take a Breath and Begin

Meditation is truly a medicinal act for the mind and body. More and more people are aware of it since the practice of yoga has become more wide spread.  Although many think of the cross legged position when doing mediation there are several poses one can use in order to achieve a meditative state. One... Read more »

Notes From: Krav Maga Training in Wisconsin This Past Weekend

I attended an instructor training workshop for Krav Maga this weekend in Brookfield, Wisconsin. 1. Krav Maga is a great system for learning reality based self-defense.  It focuses on high intensity conditioning drills that apply to defensive situations where you are faced with stress. 2.  The training takes the best from various martial arts. 3.... Read more »

Strikeforce Dipping into Football? - for Fighters?

I can not help but be concerned that Strikeforce is really serious about using football legend Herschel Walker as a draw to their events.  Walker has signed a multi-fight contract with Strikeforce. I am all for anyone giving the UFC a run for their money or simply co-exising allowing the sport of MMA to flourish... Read more »

Fedor is Coming to Chicago, November 7

Fedor Emelianenko will be fighting on November 7th on Strikeforce’s card at the Sears Centre Arena.  Located in Hoffman Estates, about 30 minutes from downtown, with just under 12,000 seats, the Sears Centre will be featured on CBS, offering MMA great exposure to the mainstream sports fan.  Although you will be able to save $44.95 by... Read more »

A Glimpse at MMA's Origins

All Hail Arrichion! All Hail Dioxxipus! All Hail Polydamos! Have you ever heard of these mixed martial arts champions?  The history of mixed martial arts fighting began as part of Greek, rather than Asian history.  Although I would never strip the Shaolin masters of their contributions to developing many systems of martial arts, the Greeks... Read more »

Are You Wrapping Your Hands the Right Way for You?

Whether you train boxing, kickboxing, MMA or muay thai, your hands should be wrapped.  Even systems like Krav Maga use hand wraps as a means to protect the hands from abrasions and safeguard the joints from injury.  Although it is still possible to injure your hand with your hands wrapped, it will cut down on... Read more »

Inside Dana White's Head - Well Just a Bit

Sharing a conversation with Dana White.  Here are answers to a bunch of meaningless questions.   Favorite Movie – Raging Bull Favorite Toy – ipod I have 7 of them Favorite Job – Bouncer and $6.25 / hour First Pet – Swizzles – a Boxer (a Dog, that is.) Best Baseball Game Ever – Yankees... Read more »

MMA Updates - November will be Big MMA month.

Strikeforce is bringing MMA mainstream to network television (CBS) this fall.  They will broadcast their first MMA lineup on November 7th.  They will feature Fedor Emelianenko on this card.  Unfortunately it will be against Brett Rogers.   UFC 105 in November will be in England.  Randy is filling the void of UFC’s last luster card.  He... Read more »

Poor Floyd, Trumped Again!

Rich Franklin – UFC StarThis Saturday night is an exciting night for fight fans.  You have the UFC 103 being stacked up against Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s bout with Manuel “Pee-drinking”Marquez.   The HBO fight night is being picked as this year’s biggest boxing event.  With Mayweather Jr., an undefeated champion, taking on Marquez a worthy... Read more »

Don't Be Gullible, Urine is Not Gatorade!

If you are considering drinking your own pee to enhance your athletic performance you are as gullible as a boy scout believing the stories he hears around the campfire.   Although there are some great combat sports players that seem to believe in this new Urban Folklore, like Lyota Machida,Luke Cummo and Juan Manuel Marquez... Read more »