Travel Training- Staying Healthy on the Road

There are so many things that seem to conspire against our fitness goals when we travel. The combination of unfamiliar places, lack of dining choices, extra time at the airport and the confiscation of our favorite toiletries, just to name a few.  Whether you travel for your work or just vacation regularly, staying healthy and in shape is also difficult when you are on the road.  Of course, if you are a motivated person and use the hotel workout room, go running or utilize a gym near by, you deserve to be congratulated. Exercise is an important part of releasing travel stresses and remaining dedicated to your health.  Another component is what you eat.  Although there can be many great ways to eat healthy on the road, vacationers often feel robbed if they have to dissect a menu when sitting poolside or exploring an exotic location.  Business travelers face similar frustrations since their days are generally over-booked and they eat on the run or entertain their clients at restaurants.  Despite these tribulations, there are solutions.  


Example of Training in a hotel room.

Twenty minutes and no white foods is the answer.  When traveling you need to dedicate only 20 minutes a day to your health.  Let’s begin with your physique – which is developed by exercise designed to improve your cardiovascular system, muscle mass and flexibility. This can be accomplished without ever leaving your hotel room!   Travel training workout DVDs and the FitDeckÔ are two workout solutions if you rarely prioritize your health when traveling due to time constraints.   Everyone can set aside 20 minutes a day to feel better and look better. 

20 minutes of Exercise

Travel training workout DVDS are formatted in 20-minute routines.  They take place in a hotel room providing the user with a realistic exercise experience.  Most people would never think that their hotel room would provide sufficient space for a workout and also have the inclination to design an efficient workout routine.  As the program plays off your laptop, travelers will strengthen their legs, improve their flexibility, tone their mid-section or squeeze a little bit of cardio into their day.  The programs are inspired by the Surgeon General’s recommendation that 20 minutes of exercise daily can significantly decrease your risk of heart disease.  Although it is ideal to exercise longer, these workout DVDs are perfect when your days are over-committed.


The FitDeck  is another way to improve your health when on the road.  FitDeck  is a unique deck of playing cards that contain illustrations with instructions of 50 different upper, middle, lower, and full body exercises.  The exercises do not require equipment or machines of any kind. The cards are labeled with three fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) so that you can choose exercises that are perfectly appropriate.  If this is the method you choose, all you need to do is start your 20 minute clock and choose 10, 15 or 20 cards and follow them for 3 sets of 10, 12 or 15 reps. Although this method requires a little more thinking than following the Travel Training DVDs, they are a clever and fun way to stay healthy. 

 No White Foods!

Part of the travel experience is enjoying restaurants and cuisine from other areas of the country or the world.  Travelers that find themselves always eating out because of business, or on vacation should avoid the white foods.  White foods include: white bread, white potatoes, white rice, pasta and white sugar.  Replacing these choices with multi-grain breads, brown rice, lentils, wild rice, whole-wheat pastas, sweet potatoes and fruits or sorbets will provide your body with better nutrition.  However, the calorie count of the white-food substitutes are almost the same.  In fact, portion control is still a primary component of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  This basic rule of thumb will improve the way you feel.  By supplying your body with quality food that converts into high-energy fuel for your body and brain, you will experience less exhaustion from your traveling and more energy overall.

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20 Minute Routine Perfect For Your Hotel Room

Each Drill Should Be Performed 1 Minute


Jumping Jacks

Wide Squats

Transverse Lunges

Alternating Leg Lifts

Forward Flexion (gentle bending over – or toe touches)


Alternating Lunges

Mountain Climber to a Push-up (alternating)

Plie Squats

Dips Off a Chair

Alternating Leg Lifts

Alternating Lunges

Incline Push Ups ( Hands on the edge of a chair, dresser or wall)

Alternating Side Leg Lifts

Plie Squats

Mountain Climbers to a Push Up (alternating)

Dips off a Chair

Alternating Single Leg Squats


Crunches (30 seconds)

Crunch with a twist (30 seconds)

Pelvic Lifts (30 seconds)

Full Sit Ups (30 seconds)

Hamstring Stretch laying on your back (30 seconds on each leg)

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