How do MMA Professionals Define a Real Man?


“Show me the
man you honor, and I will know what kind of man you are, for it shows me what
your ideal of manhood is and what kind of man you long to be.” Thomas Carlyle,
19th Century writer

Is Macho and a Real Man the same thing?

There are so many types of men that mold young boys today.  The mixed martial arts fighter has several  images that may seem at first glance to exude the iconic man.  But it is not always the obvious that shapes our perception.   We talked to two Mixed Martial Arts leaders and asked them how they define a real man and who has been their role model as they continue to evolve into the best man they can be.  Big John McCarthy, a paradigm in his own right, has become a poster ‘boy’ of sorts for the MMA fight scene.  His job requires focus and fairness.  Keith Jardine, UFC fighter, is stealth in his presence.  He demonstrates strength and cunning MMA skills.  Jardine was once underestimated and now anticipated as a fighter. Both of these men gave us their opinion of what a real man should demonstrate and who they use as their reference when it comes manhood.

profile1-thumb-200x251-9247.jpgJohn McCarthy MMA Ref and Expert in MMAJohn McCarthy, Referee and Mixed Martial Artist

Who is a Real Man in your mind and what attributes should a Real Man demonstrate?

“A real man is, respectful, loyal and trustworthy.  He is always there when people need them.  My father was the best example of a real man.  He made you understand that he would die for you.  He would give his life for you, even if his efforts didn’t solve the problem immediately.  He would give all the effort needed to let you know how he felt and that he was loyal to your needs…  It is shameful when you see fighters after a win show such bad character.  There is nothing wrong with talking smack to pump up a fight, but when you do not show respect to your opponent it is embarrassing.  A stand up fighter and real man understands that win or lose any man that is willing to put himself out there in front of so many people and fight deserves respect.”



Keith Jardine fighting Randy Couture

Keith Jardine ‘The Dean of Mean’ (14-5-1) Light
Heavyweight  UFC Fight

Who is a Real Man in your mind and what attributes should a
Real Man demonstrate?

 “A real man
shows his colors when you see how he reacts to different circumstances,
especially when others are watching. 
Fighting is a great parallel to this.  You can really see how much of a man a fighter is based on
how he reacts in the ring.  When
fighting you are faced with so many circumstances and ultimately how he reacts
to those circumstances shows me a lot about that man.  Some fighters like to run in the ring when things get hard,
instead of figuring out how to face the challenge.  I have seen men break in the ring, the fights turns on them
and they begin to run instead of facing it head on and stand up to the
challenge.  I guess I feel this way
because my father was a great man. 
My father always faced problems head on.  He was tough, hard working and never complained.  He was a humble man and didn’t run from

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