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UFC 103 Thoughts and Predictions

Tomorrow nights UFC 103 event is exciting overall, Randy Couture is a good draw, but like most long-time fight fans I wish I saw it about 5 years ago when both fighters were actually in their prime.  None the less, I am rooting for Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture (16-9-0) to beat Antonio Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira... Read more »

Hollywood Turns to the MMA World for Action Stars

Rampage Jackson is the newest member of the MMA community to get a shot at Hollywood stardom.  Although there have been a slew of WEC/WWF personalities to meet a punch or body slam on screen, I think Hollywood recognizes the hammy presence of many a UFC fighter.   With icons in MMA like Randy Couture... Read more »

Has New Babies Driven Tito to the Pipe?

Tito Ortiz, the ex-Heavyweight UFC Champion is always in the spotlight for MMA fans.  He doesn’t seem to disappoint with providing gossip and controversy for fighter-want-abes and MMA media.  Although he has received more airtime and print over his relationship with Jenna Jameson (Yes, Jenna the porn star for those that have been out of... Read more »

Yoga for Martial Artists: Part I

The importance of flexibility extends behind throwing kicks to the head.  It used to be that martial artists along with dancers had the most impressive flexibility, compared to other types of athletes.  The resurgence of yoga classes at most local health clubs has familiarized people from all walks of life with the values of flexibility and breathing.  Even the... Read more »

MMA Where Does it Fall? Sport, Art, Style???

The worldwide practice of martial arts includes millions of people.  In the span of the last 500 years martial arts has evolved and on a micro-cosmic (micro-scopic) level several styles some have progresses more than others.  Over the past five centuries, some disciplines are growing faster than others offering new techniques that even give way... Read more »

Come Watch UFC 102 with Me on Saturday, August 29th

Join me at Lucky Strike River East Center, located on 322 E. Illinois Street, 312-245-8331 Watch UFC 102 when randy Couture takes on Antonio Nogueira , Keith Jardine fights Thiago Silva and others like Chris Leban, Nate Marquardt and Brandon Vera. RSVP on the blog and your name will be put on the list.  You... Read more »

I'm Not Buying it Brock!

Brock Lesnar made his MMA debut against Min Soo Kim in 2007, after jumping from the WWE ring to the UFC cage. Although he came with a built in fan base and a lot of ‘hoopla’ around him, I just don’t buy him as an MMA athlete. Lesnar is hardly in the same category as... Read more »

Gina Carano Hosts Carano-Cyborg Week on Showtime 2

SHO 2 will be offering a special series on MMA’s two female superstars: Gina Carano and Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos the week leading to their August 15 fight.  The fight will take place in San Jose, CA on a Strikeforce card.  They have agreed on 145 lbs at the weight class.  Carano 10 months removed from... Read more »

Travel Training- Staying Healthy on the Road

There are so many things that seem to conspire against our fitness goals when we travel. The combination of unfamiliar places, lack of dining choices, extra time at the airport and the confiscation of our favorite toiletries, just to name a few.  Whether you travel for your work or just vacation regularly, staying healthy and in shape is also... Read more »

The Science of Balance: Taking Your Martial Arts Training to a Higher Level

Superficially, good balance is looked at by most as the avoidance of getting knocked over.  Therefore, martial artists are considered to have great balance because they spend so much time performing power movements on one leg (i.e. kicks).  Today there are so many tools and applications available to improve balance on a microscopic level.  Some... Read more »