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Healthy Eating for Great Training - 10 Tips to Changing Your View on Food

There are so many books on nutrition and so much information on how to eat well.  Hopefully these 10 tips will help sort out the best information out there and direct you towards books that focus on the type of information you truly seek about healthy eating. But there is one fact that you can... Read more »

Get on the Ball! Fight Lower Back Pain, Part I

Regardless of your athletic ability, fitness level or physical limitation, the swiss ball or resist-a-ball, is a tool that can help you build strength, stability, flexibility and coordination.  At first glance, these colorful balls may remind you of your 4th grade gym class, but performing even a simple crunch on them can make you feel... Read more »

The Treacherous Chinese Splits - Do not Tear Your Inner Thigh

Wikepedia defines the Chinese splits as the ‘straddle splits, in which the legs are parallel to eachother and extended in opposite directions.  Most martial arts schools use them in their training.  But many schools do not safely incorporate them into their classes.  It is important to avoid doing these splits when the body is cold. ... Read more »

Cardio-Kickboxing: An Amazing Workout, But Let's Stick to Technique

 So we all know that tae-bo helped to launch the cardio-kick fitness crazy.  But it did so much damage, that over 10 years later you still see  few classes where  the roundhouse looks like a whip-like kick and not a ‘boot-to-the-head.’  The downfall of those that continue to ride the tae-bo train is that many people... Read more »

Common Injuries in the Martial Arts: Part II Lower Body

The lower extremity injuries that most martial artists come across are not necessarily unique to martial arts.  They range from the same types of tendinitis’, ‘pulled groins’ and ‘tweaking knees” that we hear about from our parents playing a game of tennis or golf.  But the fact is, that the commitment to the training offers... Read more »

5 Tips in Creating a Sport Specific MMA Training Program

If you want to evolve your MMA training and customize your workout to incorporate exercises that will help your fighting game while sculpting the body try these tips.  My buddy Tim Allegretti (Owner of West Loop Gym in the West Loop) and I have discussed this topic so many times and apply it on a... Read more »

Common Injuries in the Martial Arts: Part I Upper Body

You do not have to be a professional martial artist to be concerned with injuries interfering with kicking and punching skills.  As with many other athletes, incurring sport injuries is detrimental to improving martial arts techniques and overall forms and fighting skills.  Many professional martial artists will tell you that their injuries are sport specific... Read more »

Martial Arts is Good for the Soul

It is really a privilege to work with people who want to learn something that you are good at and have spent a lifetime studying.  I am really a professional student of sorts, training in the martial arts and then teaching it over and over to adults that realize it may be their calling.  Although... Read more »