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Trump, Football Players, and Little House on the Prairie: How Current Events and Historical Perspective Teach Us About Racism

My youngest daughter is reading the Little House on the Prairie books, a series that I absolutely loved as a child. When I read the series over thirty years ago, I marveled at the charm and hardship of life as a pioneer. I remembered how Pa and Ma had to make every last thing from... Read more »

Jewish in America: Explaining to My Daughters That People Hate Them Who Have Never Met Them

Over the weekend, my husband and I spoke in whispers about the horror unfolding in Charlottesville, VA, where white nationalists and white supremacists held a Unite the Right rally that quickly turned violent. Fistfights broke out; racial slurs were hurled; Nazi salutes were given. The images coming out of Charlottesville bore an eerie resemblance to... Read more »