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Brave Girls Want Equality. Let's Make It Happen.

Brave Girls Want Equality.  Let's Make It Happen.
It was the first day of summer camp.  The counselor gave the children white tented cards.  “Write your name and your favorite thing – what’s most important to you– on the name cards,” she instructed. Six-year-old Annie Rose carefully wrote her name.  Underneath it, she drew a picture of two smiling little girls, one with... Read more »

Pink Is Not the Enemy. Stereotypes Are.

There is a growing faction within the girl-empowerment movement that expresses disdain and scorn for all things pink and princess.  Supporters of young girls are increasingly pitting rough and tumble tomboys against tutu-wearing, glitz-loving girly girls. Why can’t girls be both? Pink is not the enemy.  Labels are. To understand how pink has evolved into... Read more »