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The Dabometer: A Barometer for Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. To honor all those who deal with bullying, I will be sharing posts that shed light on this struggle. Today’s piece is a guest post by the mother of two girls. By Debi Lewis For much of fifth grade, my daughter vehemently refused to dab outside our house. For... Read more »

Come hear Jarrett Payton speak about bullying prevention at a free public event on March 12.

Did you know Walter Payton’s son, Jarrett, was bullied as a teenager?  Come on Wednesday night to hear Jarrett speak about how to further bullying prevention efforts with today’s students.  I can’t wait to attend and learn what he has to say! Bullied No More: A Conversation with Jarrett Payton and Camille Paddock Wednesday, March... Read more »

Comic-Con: Faces in the Crowd Day 1

Awesome costumes everywhere!
Check out some of the cosplayers and sights we saw during our first day here at San Diego Comic-Con!  If you are here too, DO NOT MISS our panel on Sunday at 4 pm in rm 4! Carrie Goldman is the award-winning author of Bullied.  She will be moderating Comic-Con’s 1st-ever anti-bullying panel at 4... Read more »

Names Can Really Hurt Us Program Brings Bullying Into the Light

A tall fashionably-dressed teen ducked into line at the open mike, waiting for her turn to speak.   When the group leader nodded to her to begin, the girl tried to talk but dissolved into sobs.  The room remained silent, the other freshman waiting until the weeping girl could get her words out.  She cried openly... Read more »

‘Bully’ Movie: The Must-See Film for Middle Schoolers, Teens and Adults

‘Bully’ Movie: The Must-See Film for Middle Schoolers, Teens and Adults
Bully, the first feature documentary film to reveal what a full school year of bullying feels like to victims and their loved ones, is opening in select theaters on March 30. Directed by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Lee Hirsch, the movie provides an opportunity for kids, parents and educators to have a common springboard for discussions. ... Read more »

Dear Lego, I Have A Girl

Dear Lego, I hear you have created some new Ladyfigs for girls.  The slimmed down, “attractive” Ladyfigs can play in pre-created scenes such as at a café or beach. There is an awesome one called “Olivia’s Inventor’s Workshop,” where Olivia does chemistry, robotics and complex math, but the truth is that the vast majority of... Read more »