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The Unexpected Marriage

The Unexpected Marriage
The day I met my husband was the same day that I met Princess Diana.  It was a glorious June day in 1996, and I was working for the Lurie Cancer Center while in my senior year at Northwestern.  Her Royal Highness was in Chicago to speak at a Symposium on Breast Cancer. The princess... Read more »

You Have To Hand it to the Geeks

You have to hand it to the Geeks.  They know how to have a rocking good time. K and I just returned from Seattle, where we attended the first-ever GeekGirlCon.  In case anyone doubts the need for a con devoted solely to the female population, consider the fact that the con was sold out and... Read more »

Should Adoptive Parents Give Birth Parents Money?

What should adoptive parents do when a birth parent asks for financial aid after the adoption is complete?  A reader – let’s call her Rachel — wrote in and told me the following story: “We adopted a baby boy six years ago in an open domestic adoption.  We keep in touch with his birthmother, Liz,... Read more »

It Takes A Girlfriend

It takes a village to raise a child.  And, lately, I have realized that it takes a group of girlfriends to raise a mother.  I am seven years into this mothering thing, and I couldn’t do it without the help and companionship of my female friends. At the very beginning, when we first got K,... Read more »