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Send a Parcel of Love on Mother's Day to help babies born in Syrian refugee camps

Last summer, my colleague and friend Wendy Widom asked me and many other ChicagoNow bloggers to join a campaign that quickly raised $124,000 to buy and deliver 1,500 boxes of baby essentials to mothers in Syrian refugee camps. The women who initiated the campaign recently asked some of our doctor friends remaining in Syria how... Read more »

The Mom Rating System: Finding A Better Way to Celebrate Mother's Day

World’s Best Mom, #1 Mother, The Mom Rating System – everywhere I turn, I see evidence of Mother’s Day coming. In our culture of judging moms for every move they make, I’ve grown especially weary of the greeting card industry’s narrow approach to celebrating moms. It feels like one more way to shame moms into feeling that... Read more »

Top Ten Foods I Want to Eat on Mother's Day

Top Ten Foods I Want to Eat on Mother's Day
Forget jewelry, flowers, clothes and shoes . . . this Mama wants some good eats! 1. A peanut butter sandwich, whole and fresh and made with soft thick slices of bread, that is all my own.  Not the leftovers from my kids, where all that remains are dried-out crusts with barely any good stuff. 2.... Read more »

Mother's Day, On Loss and Joy

This morning while I was running, my thoughts drifted back to Mother’s Day 2003.  I rarely think about that time, and if I do, it is only on the periphery of my mind.  I touch on it with words like grief and loss, but I dance cautiously around the concrete memories.  Tears soon mingled with... Read more »