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Guest Post by Former Bullying Victim Teppi Jacobsen

Guest Post by Former Bullying Victim Teppi Jacobsen
By Teppi Jacobsen of When You Put It That Way October is National Bullying Awareness month, and as a victim of it as a child, I am more than aware.  Much more than I want to be, as it nearly ruined my childhood.  A childhood that had hoped to have been filled with lots of... Read more »

When Mommy and Daddy Are Mean Online

When Mommy and Daddy Are Mean Online
When Mommy and Daddy are Mean Online As parents hear more and more about the tragic consequences of cyberbullying, we wring our hands and wonder, how can we get the kids to stop beating each other up online? Maybe we should first ask how we can get ourselves to stop attacking others online.  Bullying is... Read more »

Do you use either of these phrases? Think before you speak.

October is Bullying Prevention Month, and it can’t happen soon enough, given the recent bullying-related suicides in our country.  Most people are not bullies, but even the kindest among us can inadvertently hurt others. Bullying is directly tied to cultural attitudes about what is acceptable and what is not.  There are a number of words... Read more »

Pink Is Not the Enemy. Stereotypes Are.

There is a growing faction within the girl-empowerment movement that expresses disdain and scorn for all things pink and princess.  Supporters of young girls are increasingly pitting rough and tumble tomboys against tutu-wearing, glitz-loving girly girls. Why can’t girls be both? Pink is not the enemy.  Labels are. To understand how pink has evolved into... Read more »

Even Princesses Get Bullied

At a time when there is an extreme amount of focus on Kate Middleton’s gorgeous dress and impeccable style, here is what I most admire about the new princess: Kate Middleton is a very vocal proponent of bullying prevention.  The now-celebrated, confidant young princess was bullied as a child.  Universally, middle school is when bullying... Read more »