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What a Difference a Year Makes

Friday was Katie’s last full day of first grade.  It was also Cleo’s first birthday.  Andrew, Annie Rose, Cleo and I joined all the other first grade families at noon to participate in the first grade barbecue.  I sat on the ground with my hot dog and chips and reflected on the difference a year... Read more »

Happy Birthday, Katie!

How good and sweet the New Year is.   Today we celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  Tomorrow we celebrate Katie’s seventh birthday.   Seven years since M labored to bring our daughter into the world.Seven years since I heard her first cry.Seven years since I first looked into her eyes. It will be... Read more »

A 95th Birthday Celebration

Kate in Minneapolis For weeks, Katie and Annie Rose have been anticipating our trip to Minneapolis for Great Grandma Ruthie’s 95th birthday. The girls were particularly eager to play with their cousins – some that they have not seen in months, some in years, and still more that they have never even met. The weekend... Read more »

The Patch That Opens A Wound

Last summer, we were preparing for K to enter kindergarten.  An eye exam was one of the registration requirements.  Given that her birth mother and birth siblings do not wear glasses, I assumed K’s eyes were probably fine.  She had never complained about headaches or difficulty seeing, and the eye exam was not high in... Read more »