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A Letter To My Daughter On Her Bat Mitzvah: On Adoption and Belonging

My dearest K, Almost thirteen years ago exactly, we held your baby naming. In fact, Cantor Howard, who is standing beside us today, was there on that occasion. You were five months old and had very recently joined our family. At that ceremony, as I held you in my joyful arms, I recited the following opening... Read more »

Supergirl Deftly Explores Adoptee Abandonment

Supergirl’s most recent episode explored an adoptee issue that needs to be discussed more often – the intense fear of abandonment. Kara Zor-El, the Kryptonian girl who was the last survivor of Krypton, was sent to Earth at age thirteen to watch over her cousin, baby Kal-El. Her pod was stuck in the Phantom Zone... Read more »