2016 Series: 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days

Here is a complete link to all the fantastic posts in the 2016 series, 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days!

DAY 1: Yes, I Am Adopted. It’s Just One of Many Things I Have in Common With Superman
DAY 2: Navigating Ambiguity in Adoption
DAY 3: Ana’s Daughter Had Come Home
DAY 4: And So It Was That Our Girl Came Back To Us
DAY 5: I Decided to Keep My Baby
DAY 6: When Our Daughter Has Racist Encounters
DAY 7: We Got Here Too Late To Leave Early: When Older Parents Adopt
DAY 8: Waiting For the Phone To Ring
DAY 9: She Went From Nurse To Nurse, Being Rocked, Comforted . . . And Loved
DAY 10: Finding My Treasure Within
DAY 11: Adoption Reunion: We Are Four Generations Reassembled
DAY 12: Loving Another Baby After Placing One For Adoption
DAY 13: A Better Plan Than Mine
DAY 14: We Made The Right Decision to Reunite Them
DAY 15: Ruins and Ladders
DAY 16: Parenting Worry #1: Am I F*ing Her Up?
DAY 17: Reuniting Worlds: One Adoptee’s Thoughts On Birth Family Reunification
DAY 18: My Daughters’ Other Mother
DAY 19: Come Meet Your Son
DAY 20: A B C’s of Adoption
DAY 21: You Can Go Home Again
DAY 22: Secrets, Shame and No Regrets: Adoptee Reunion
DAY 23: Chosen: An Adoptee’s Journey As A Grieving Mother
DAY 24: The Love You Feel Cannot Be Matched
DAY 25: I Love You, Mama
DAY 26: No Justification Needed To Keep Her Own Baby
DAY 27: Mom and I Could Talk About Everything Except Adoption
DAY 28: An Adoptee’s Lifelong Search For Self: Finding The Face In The Crowd
DAY 29: I Had Always Thought of This Day and What It Would Be Like
DAY 30: I Wasn’t the Odd Man Out. I Was Exactly Where I Belonged

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