Dear Mom and Dad, Camp Is Great Except These 3 Things:

Yesterday was the 8th day since we had received any form of communication from our daughter at her sleepaway camp.  We knew there had been a severe, massive storm that had hit the camp the night before her session started, and the camp sustained significant damage.  Most importantly, however, no kids were injured from the many falling trees!!

The camp director did send regular emails to parents to reassure us that our children were being kept in safe places until emergency work crews could remove uprooted trees from the cabins.  Many activities were closed at first due to trees lying on the tennis courts and the riflery range, etc.

We also learned that the power remained out for four days, so food was prepared off-site and brought in for the kids.  They used gas lanterns to see in the dark.  So, anyway, we knew our girl was having a bit of an adventure!  We were eager to get a letter from her telling us all about her friends and her activities.  The kids are not allowed to have any electronics at camp, so we ran to check the mail each day.

Yesterday, a letter finally arrived!  The best camp letter she has ever sent us, I think.

KT letter from camp funny


Ahh, this one’s a keeper!  For those who need a handwriting translation:

“Dear Mom and Dad,

Camp is great except for these 3 things

1)No power
2)No activities (until tomorrow)
3)everything is so x100 HOT.

and one more thing
there is a tree on our cabin’s roof.

I love x1000 you.
Love, Katie”

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