Multiple Sclerosis: Modern Day MS Fills A Need

Multiple Sclerosis: Modern Day MS Fills A Need

I first encountered multiple sclerosis (MS) over thirteen years ago, when a cherished colleague of mine suffered a flare-up.  Unfamiliar with the condition, I learned that she had relapsing remitting MS , which means she would have exacerbations followed by periods of recovery and normalcy.

Then it hit closer to home.  A member of my family was diagnosed with optic neuritis, along with some other worrisome symptoms that are often a sign of MS, so I tried to learn more about the condition.  Everything I read was so overwhelming and frightening, and I quickly ceased searching for outside information.  It was all I could do to keep up with the information coming at us from the doctors. Fortunately, my family member stabilized within a few months, and he eventually grew accustomed to the permanent but small loss in his field of vision.  We are beyond grateful that no further deterioration has ever occurred, and his neurological health is good.

But I’ll never forget how scary that time was.  So it was a no-brainer to me when my friend and fellow writer Beth Prystowsky asked if I would write about the launch of her new website, Modern Day MS.

Just over two years ago, Beth awoke one morning with a numb hand and a limp.  She has chronicled bits and pieces of her MS journey on her ChicagoNow blog, Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom.  I regularly read Beth’s blog and remember feeling a punch in my gut when I saw her post about developing optic neuritis. Beth has spent many months developing a new website to create awareness, information and community for those affected by MS.  Beth told me,

“When I was diagnosed, my husband and I (plus my mom, dad and sister) immediately went to the Internet.  None of us really found the information that we were looking for.  What we read was very scary out of date statistics from years ago and stories of people in wheelchairs, unable to get out of bed and work.

Since then, I’ve learned about the scientific breakthroughs, tremendous amount of research and progress made in finding ways to slow down the disease.  In addition, I’ve explored many natural therapies that help manage symptoms.  Modern Day MS was created as a community for you to learn, ask questions and feel safe about the scary diagnosis.”

I am so proud of Beth for turning her angst into action and her setbacks into solutions.  For any of you who have been diagnosed with MS or who have a loved one with MS, please use Modern Day MS as a resource.  May peace and good health be yours.

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