Introducing the Third Annual 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days Series!

Introducing the Third Annual 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days Series!

Introducing the Third Annual 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days Series

Welcome to Portrait of an Adoption!  So happy you are here.  In honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month, I am running the third annual special series called 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days.

The series is designed to give a voice to many different people with widely varying perspectives on adoption.  Some stories will describe heartwarming and uplifting experiences, while others will reflect the pain, darkness and anger often embedded in adoption.

In an effort to provide an authentic portrayal of what adoption means to different people, my series will feature guest posts by adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents, relatives of adoptees, and foster parents.

As we all know, adoption inspires strong emotions in people, and the urge to share your thoughts with others is natural.  Last year, the series ran first on my blog, and then on the Huffington Post.  Whereas I can control and moderate comments on my own blog, I was unable to do so when HuffPost ran the series, and the comments grew ugly.

As such, I want to set out the ground rules for this series:

Please read, share, learn, think, ponder and comment freely.  A series works best when it is shared, so if you like the posts, please let other people in your community know about them!

As you comment on each post, please be aware that there will be no vicious cyberbullying attacks allowed on my blog.  If anyone has a problem with the institution of adoption, go ahead and attack the institution.  In fact, if you write a well-thought-out argument that focuses on why adoption is flawed WITHOUT attacking the character of adoptive parents, then I would be happy to consider featuring YOUR story on my blog.

But if you make sweeping judgments about my guest posters, based on this tiny glimpse into their lives, and if you express those judgments as personal attacks in the comments, I will delete those comments.  That is my right.  I will provide a safe, supportive atmosphere for my guest bloggers.

If you continue to attack any of the guest posters, I will ban and delete you from commenting going forward.  For those of you who believe that the best way to communicate is to engage in cyberbullying, I highly recommend this multiple award-winning book on bullying, which includes amazing insights and advice about how to have a digital community without cyberbullying.  Oh, and it was written me!

Again, if you have a reasonable gripe with adoption, I invite you to submit a guest post for consideration at some future date.  And I will protect you as I will protect my other guest posters.  Free civil speech is allowed here, but hate speech is not.

That being said, let’s enjoy the amazing series that is about to begin.

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