Bullied Is A National Parenting Publications Award Gold Medal Winner!

Bullied Is A National Parenting Publications Award Gold Medal Winner!

It is my delight to announce that my nonfiction book Bullied has been named a Gold Medal Winner by the National Parenting Publications Awards.  This is the highest honor they give out, and it brings great joy to me.

Bullied is a book that can be used by a wide variety of people with varying interests.

Perhaps you are interested in girl empowerment, and you want to read about resisting gender-based toy marketing and the sexualization of girls.  Or maybe you are experiencing social ostracism and you don’t know what to do, and you are focused on the chapters about finding a group where you belong.  Maybe your child is always online, and you don’t know how to keep him from texting at the dinner table, and you are looking for a way to establish boundaries without alienating your child.  These are just a few of the topics covered in Bullied!

Bullied is a recommended book if you:

  • Spend time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and want to maintain healthy relationships online.
  • Refuse to be judged by the haters out in the world
  • Feel pressured to measure up to the appearances of supermodels, star athletes, and celebrities
  • Want to find and keep good friends and avoid bad friends.
  • Experience normal social conflict and want to know how it differs from bullying.
  • Have a child who is being labeled a bully and needs help.
  • Have a child who is being picked on and needs help knowing what steps to take to get relief at school.
  • Have a child who wants to learn how to act as a witness or an ally instead of as a bystander.
  • Tend to be different from the mainstream and are struggling with peer acceptance or even self-acceptance.
  • Enjoy science fiction, especially Star Wars, since this book was originally inspired by a little Star Wars fangirl who was being taunted at school.
  • Suffer from anxiety, self-harming behaviors and depression due to poor peer relationships.
  • Want to be an educated consumer of pop culture, music, media and television
  • Would like to bring restorative practices to your school instead of punitive practices
  • Need surveys, websites, links, recommended reading, and further resources to take action at school or at home.

The Bullied book is appropriate for kids age 12 and older, every parent, every teacher, social worker, pediatrician, science fiction fan, aunt, uncle, mentor, grandparent, counselor, and advisor.  It makes a great end-of-year teacher gift!

Carrie Goldman is a highly effective public speaker for audiences of all ages and has addressed public and private schools, corporate audiences, learning professionals, university students and social workers.  To bring Carrie to your school or workplace to address bullying, please contact Susan Schwartzman at Susan Schwartzman Publicity or Suzanne Wickham at Harper Collins.

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