Discussion about social conflict and bullying tonight at Evanston Public Library

Discussion about social conflict and bullying tonight at Evanston Public Library

Tonight I will be hosting a discussion about bullying and social conflict at Evanston Public Library’s Main Branch.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Hidden influences on bullying in our culture (including reality-based TV and media)
  • Recognizing when social “drama” is actually bullying
  • The differences between normal social conflict with your friends and true bullying.
  • The fluidity of bullying roles, and how to safely shift from being a bystander into a witness.
  • The risks to you psychologically if you engage in bullying or even if you merely observe bullying.
  • The difference between choosing not to hang out with someone (which is acceptable) and actively trying to make someone feel aggressively excluded (not acceptable)
  • Steps to take with the school if you are being bullied.
  • Strategies to deal with verbal taunting
  • Learning the difference between tattling and reporting
  • Strategies to prevent cyberbullying, as well as steps to manage cyberbullying once it has occurred.
  • Discussion of good friends versus bad friends
  • Knowing when to ask for help – self harming behaviors
  • How restorative justice works

Please join us and bring your questions!  I will also have copies of my book available for purchase.  If you can’t make it tonight but would like to learn more about how to deal with social conflict and bullying, you can find my book here on Amazon!

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