There will be NO vicious cyberbullying attacks on my blog. Period.

Last night, it came to my attention that a group had launched a vicious character attack against a young woman who had written a guest blog post for Portrait of an Adoption.  The guest poster had written about her personal journey toward adoption.  It was simply her story, shortened to fit in a blog post.

The attackers made sweeping assumptions and judgments about the writer  (and all adoptive parents) and attacked her relentlessly.  This is NOT acceptable.  If anyone has a problem with the institution of adoption, go ahead and attack the institution.  In fact, if you write a well-thought-out argument that focuses on why adoption is flawed WITHOUT attacking the character of adoptive parents, then I would be happy to consider featuring YOUR story on my blog.

But in NO way will I allow this blog, which is a very special community where compassionate human beings, including  adoptive parents, birthparents, and adoptees  talk together, to be attacked by angry people with a political agenda.

Not on my watch.  Not on my blog.  My blog, my rules.  In November, I will be hosting our highly visible guest series, 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days (which is filled up, by the way).  There are stories by all members of the adoption triad, and I will tell you now that if anyone launches cruel personal attacks in the comments, I will block, delete and ban those comments.  That is my right.  I will provide a safe, supportive atmosphere for my guest bloggers.

For those of you who were attacking this young woman, I highly recommend this super fabulous awesome new book on bullying, which includes amazing insights and advice about how to have a digital community without cyberbullying.  Oh, and it was written by ME.  You picked the wrong blog to engage in cruelty.  Go somewhere else.

Again, if you have a reasonable gripe with adoption, I invite you to submit a guest post for consideration at some future date.  And I will protect you as I will protect my other guest posters.  Free civil speech is allowed here, but hate speech is not.

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